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Beauty Product Shelf Checks



Multinationals looking for specific market details on consumer products in emerging markets can face an arduous task. Information is often not readily available and locals are not accessible. A Findyr client needed data on the beauty product market in Nigeria to inform its market entry strategy, but did not have access to the types of hyper-local data it needed.


Findyr utilized its network in four cities in Nigeria to explore the current beauty product landscape. We tasked our collectors with entering high end and gray market stores, and obtaining photos of products, prices, placement and promotion. Our collectors ultimately collected over 1,600 discrete data points across the fours cities. Findyr’s client used this data to analyze the market and validate its strategic market entry plans.

The final deliverable consisted of both text data and photos.

Text Data Points

  • Data point ID
  • Metadata (time, date, location)
  • Store name and address
  • Product name


  • Shelf space distribution
  • Storefront location

Beauty products on a shelf Beauty products on a shelf