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Political Risk

North Africa


When assessing risk, it is important to understand the relationships between news, weather and politics and prices in countries. This type of discrete hyper-local data is not readily available on the internet and is extremely important when predicting and forecasting economic, political and social trends. Multinationals looking for hyper-local economic data in emerging markets can face an arduous task. Information is often not readily available and locals are typically difficult to access.

A Findyr client needed weekly pricing data across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to track the correlation between the price of staples and political stability but had difficultly collecting reliable and consistent data from the often unstable countries of interest.


Findyr used its network of collectors across MENA to collect the prices of breads for the client. Findyr collectors recorded the prices of pre-selected types of breads in 3 markets in 21 cities on a weekly basis. Findyr’s client analyzed the data to relate to trends of the current political and social climate in the country. This type of data could be used for a multitude of purposes. For example, access to product availability and pricing would be especially useful for forecasting political risk, as well as for those in the business of supply chain management, allowing them to monitor the production chain from factory to shelf.

The final deliverable consisted of text data including:

A unique data point included photos of the bread prices, along with the metadata – GPS coordinates and time & date stamp.

Map of North Africa with points Example of bread pricing Close up of store shelves with bread