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Infrastructure Tracking



Nearly $57 trillion in investment in infrastructure development will be needed to keep up with the world’s GDP growth through 2030*. That’s an enormous sum and a huge number of projects across the globe. A critical component of development is monitoring and tracking progress to ensure accountability and improve project management, a costly endeavor for both public and private organizations, especially at the expected scale.


Findyr has set out to make it possible to more affordably and quickly monitor progress for organizations investing in infrastructure development. We routinely work with clients who task our collectors to visit locations where development projects are taking place. Members of the Findyr network make recurring visits and photograph the progress. Each photograph includes the metadata to verify the time/date and GPS coordinates of the submission.

Remotely tracking development with Findyr significantly reduces the costs in monitoring progress and improves how efficiently organizations can complete their projects.

*From McKinsey Global Institute

World map with points showing project locations Construction site Construction site