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Consumer Surveys



Traditionally, conducting global in-person polling and consumer sentiment surveys has been extremely challenging and expensive for market research firms. This type of research requires sub-contracting to local survey providers who hire survey administrators, which ultimately becomes a very costly undertaking with limited oversight. A major research firm turned to Findyr when they needed a way to conduct large scale, highly rigorous surveys across India.


This project required the selection of qualified surveyors who underwent a rigorous, customized training program designed and executed by Findyr.

Once collectors had been vetted and trained, over 2,000 surveys were administered in 10 locations across India. The surveys included personal and sentiment questions as well as collection of hyper-local economic data. The results were cross-validated by the client and proved to be extremely accurate. By utilizing elite local Findyr collectors, the client was able to collect a highly accurate data set that represents the dispersed population of India. Our Findyr collectors were able to complete the project at a fraction of the cost of traditional survey companies in the country.

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